Linking innovation to global leadership

Working to redefine energy and information supply by staying ahead of tomorrow, today. Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. And here at Prysmian, we continue to lead the change.  

But we don’t rest on our laurels. We use our market leadership, our vast knowledge and experience, and our long-established relationships and reputation to continue to pave the way for the energy and telecommunication innovations of tomorrow.

EN - Innovation - Overview - What we learnt yesterday revolutionised the cable industry today

What we learnt yesterday revolutionised the cable industry today

What we learn today will help transform the supply of energy and information tomorrow, not only for our customers, but for individuals and communities around the globe. Furthermore, our continual drive to improve sustainability means we’re working towards a better world for all.

That’s why we continually invest time and resources in Research and Development (R&D), forging valuable relationships with major universities and research centres across the globe, and nurturing our skilled experts and professionals. We stay close to our customers and suppliers, listening and adapting to their needs and constantly breaching new frontiers in product and service development.

EN - Innovation - Overview - 17 Centres of Excellence

Focusing on high technology projects

The R&D team has created numerous innovative products and processes, which not only represent technological advances but also have a lower environmental impact than the solutions they replaced.

17 Centres of Excellence around the world, with Headquarters in Milan.

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EN - Innovation - Overview - Spending on research, development

Towards the Future

Prysmian's spending on Research, Development and Innovation totalled approximately Euro 83 million in 2016, confirming its steadfast commitment to and focus on sustainable long-term growth.

The Group's continuous drive for innovation is supported by more than 550 experienced professionals.