LSOH product usage in High-rise buildings


The speed of evacuation in high-rise buildings is critical. Often the route to safety is a considerable distance.

LSOH product usage in High-rise buildings

It is frequently the case that cables may be installed in vertical ducts that in a fire, work like a chimney, distributing smoke and gasses to each floor.

In this environment, fire-resistant and low fire-hazard cable technology can buy precious time and maintain the integrity of the atmosphere for emergency services for crucial extra minutes.

The following are just some of the important international projects we have supplied cables for.

Burj Dubai

Reaching more than half a kilometre into the sky, Burj Dubai Tower is the world’s tallest tower. Our FP Plus Flex cable is being used to power the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, with our FP400 cable entrusted to power essential circuits and power supplies to the building as part of the £1.8 million contract.

The length of cable being installed is over 1,300 times the height of the tower as it currently stands, and is fitted with in excess of 700,000 fire-resistant clips and glands.

Installation - FP Plus Flex and FP400 cables
Building type – High-rise building
Cable family – FireResistant
Location - Dubai