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BendBright XS 200 µm Single-Mode Optical Fibre

BendBright <sup>XS</sup> 200 µm Single-Mode Optical Fibre

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Wherever small cable size, low footprint connectivity, or tight accidental bend is the concern, BendBrightXS is your ideal solution


BendBrightXS 200 µm allows cable designers to drastically reduce cable diameters for most OSP cable designs. This feature not only enables the increase of fibre density in ducts, but also reduces the size and weight of aerial cables. What’s more, it can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of a network while limiting the environmental impact of its deployment.

Thanks to the quality of modern coatings, you don’t have to compromise on the overall fibre quality or performance.


Truly bend-insensitive single-mode fibre for FTTH deployment

Our BendBrightXS 200 µm fibre delivers a whole host of benefits including:

  • Excellent low macro-bending sensitivity.
  • Low water-peak level.
  • Fully complies with, or exceeds, the ITU-T Recommendations G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.657.B2 (2009) and G.652.D (2009). Allowing unlimited use of the whole telecoms wavelength window (1260nm to 1650nm) for a large variety of applications.
  • Compatibility with the most popular installation tools.
  • Backward compatibility with legacy fibres.
  • Future proof.
  • Satisfies all IEC testing requirements for dimensional, transmission, mechanical and environmental performance (with the exception of a slightly reduced coating strip force).
  • Ideal for cable manufacturing and field installation.

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