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Linking safety and stability in landmark structures


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Today, Draka Elevator’s specially engineered cables are deployed in some of the world’s tallest and most iconic man-made structures – delivering speed and safety where they’re needed most.

Using over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have built a global reputation for providing high-quality, innovative components essential to effective elevator operation.

Our extensive product inventory of over 7,000 components includes compensation, travelling and hoistway cables; wireway; wire rope and accessories; tools, maintenance and safety equipment; and more.

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World-class products, delivered locally

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions to ensure optimal elevator operation.

We offer the widest selection of the newest products, acting as both manufacturer and distributor not only for our own products, but for a wealth of essential parts and devices made by other companies.

Manufactured globally, our products are delivered swiftly and efficiently wherever our customers are, with support from our sophisticated distribution and logistics networks.

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ABS approval

Bureau Veritas

Certificato EMS 568191 Prysmian

Certificato FS 568192 Prysmian

Certificato OHS 568196 Prysmian

CSA Certificate

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

ISO 14001-2004-Certificate no UQA 4000840-A

ISO 9001 Certificate

OHSAS 18001-2007 Certificate no UQA 4000840-B

UL Certificate

Elevator Traveling Cable: Design Evolution

Load Control in Elevators

The Meeting of Elevators and Technology

Acculube Automatic Rope Lubricator

Acculube Installation Guide

Apeiron LTE Cab Lighting System

Cab Sensor and Control Unit

Installation Guide for Comp Cable

Connectorization Service

DE Super-Flex Installation Guide

Draka fiber optic connectorization

Fiber Optic Transmission Kits

RB500 & RB625 Rope Brakes

How Flooding Affects Elevator Cables

Seismic Detection System

EZ Grip Barrier Attachment System

Flat Cable Installation Guide 2014

Flat cable_PR

Limit Switches

Load Weighing Devices

Pit Flooding Detector Guide

Pit Flooding Detector

RB500 and 625 installation

Rope Tensioning System

Seismic Detection System Installation Manual

Steadi-Flex Special Considerations

Super-Flex Round Traveling Cable

Installation and maintenance of compensating cable

Wire rope tension and load

How light curtains improve safety and performance

Dampening devices for compensating cables

How oil coolers improve elevator performance

The importance of seismic detection devices

Rope development for elevators

Pre-stretched and low-stretch elevator ropes

ASME 17.1 Wire rope replacement criteria

Super-flex® traveling cable installation

How to correctly order wire rope

What to do if wire rope gets wet

Wire rope lubrication: why, how often and how much

Load weighing devices

Compensation cable loop width vs. performance

Rope classification vs. rope construction

UMDC Bundle for Rope Brake Retrofits


WECO 957P Light Curtain

Draka Compensating Cable and Damping Devices

Wire Rope Install Guide

Galvanized Steel Wireway

Draka 2017-2018 NA Catalog

Gustav Wolf 5th Edition Catalog

EMEA 2015-2016 Catalog

i2Systems brochure

i2Systems Escalator order form

Apeiron LTE+ Interactive Order Form

S1205B Interactive Order Form

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