Economic & Financial Responsibility

Economic & Financial Responsibility

Upholding ethics and integrity across the board

When we do business, we do it right. We prize transparency, integrity and accountability. Always.

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But we don’t just want to be good for business. We want to be good to do business with. And so, we deliver world-leading products to our customers by putting them at the centre of our daily work. And by endeavouring to truly understand their needs in order provide an exceptional service – from the outset, through to project completion, and beyond.

It’s a truly customer-centred approach. Such a strong reputation for performance and innovation helps us deliver sustainable growth and profit for our stakeholders too, both in the short and long term.

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Our constitution

Our Code of Ethics calls on each and every person in the Group, from our Board of Directors, to our employees and interns, to conduct business in a manner consistent with our vision. It is a strategic part of our day-to-day business activities, helping prevent irresponsible or illegal conduct, and it evolves with us as we grow.

It is under-pinned by three main pillars:

  • Ethics in business activities
  • Ethics in internal relations
  • Ethics in environmental and social matters

Our investors and stakeholders

Earning and keeping the trust of our customers, investors and stakeholders long-term is central to everything we do. As a public company we are committed to detailed, clear and timely communication of all information relevant to our business.

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We conduct over 400 meetings yearly


Our quarterly data is always relayed personally to institutional investors, financial analysts and specialist media representatives.
Prysmian promptly informs shareholders and potential shareholders of any decisions likely to have a material impact on their investment.
You can find out more in our dedicated Investor Relations section.

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Economic value distribution to stakeholders

Economic value distribution to stakeholders

We are diligent in the creation of economic value and its fair transmission to our stakeholders. Group wealth is distributed in the following ways:


  • Remuneration of human resources
    • Direct remuneration, comprising wages, salaries and severance indemnities
    • Indirect remuneration in the form of social security and pension contributions)
  • Remuneration of lenders (interest expense)
  • Remuneration of Group shareholders (dividends paid) and other investors remuneration of the Public Administration (total taxes paid), gifts and donations to the community

The value retained by the Group is represented by the profit reserves carried forward.

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Prepared with reference to income statement captions reported in the consolidated financial statement as of 31 December 2015.

The economic value generated by Prysmian in 2015, net of reclassified costs, amounted to 1,580 million euro or about 21% of consolidated sales. The largest part of this value is represented by the remuneration of human resources (63%), followed by the remuneration of lenders, shareholders and minority interests and the Public Administration (6%), and by roughly 225,000 euro in community contributions. The remainder (19%) represents the value retained by the business.

Awards and recognition

It is always a great honour to be recognised by partners, peers and the industries in which we operate for our commitment to economic and financial responsibility. And while awards aren't the reason for our efforts in this area, they are a clear indicator of our ongoing drive to meet the highest possible standards of responsible operations.

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For the second consecutive year, Prysmian Group has placed first in Integer Research's Top 100 Global Wire & Cable Producer Database 2015, which ranks the world's 100 largest cable manufacturers with reference to their revenues in the previous year. Strong sales of submarine and fibre optic cables helped us to retain first place in the classification.

Prysmian Turkey recently received the Adding Value to the Economy Award from the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). This award is granted to businesses in various sectors that make the largest contribution to the economy of their town and country. Specifically, Prysmian Turkey obtained first prize as sector leader in the Electrical-Electronics category, in the presence of several of Turkey's most important political and industrial personalities.