Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Putting people at the heart of what we do

We value our customers, our employees and our shareholders above all else. We treat all three with the utmost respect.

Our Code of Ethics promotes compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations that ensure the personal and professional wellbeing of every company employee. We are dedicated to the ethical handling of conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships.


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Social Responsibility

In the heart of the community

Wherever our business takes us, we have a consistent policy of clear communication and involvement with the local population.

We ensure our activities are enhancing and developing communities for the benefit of people today. And tomorrow.

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Here at Prysmian Group, we understand the importance of the people and local areas in which we operate. And so, we pursue socially responsible business by supporting the economic, social and cultural development of such areas.

Prysmian also indirectly helps to support social projects via the hours paid to employees involved in charitable activities.








We believe that access to energy and telecommunications is fundamental in the economic and social development of local communities.

That’s why our corporate citizenship and philanthropy activities aim to support this access. Especially with regards to developing countries.

How will this be achieved?

  • Through long-term initiatives aimed at solving socio-environmental issues in the communities in which we do business
  • Through charitable gifts or cash donations
  • Through commercial initiatives conducted in partnership with community-based organisations.

For more details on the meaning of ‘Community Investment’, the principles of our authorisation process and our types of contribution, you can download our Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Policy.

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